Best hotels near Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

Hotels Focus More on Family Fun Facilities

Hotels are not any longer just an area to lodge and sleep. Not content with just an equivalent old amenity, today's hotel guest is trying to find an experience. Let’s try our Best 3-star hotel in Madurai named as Moskva Hotel

Dad or Mom could also be attending a conference at the hotel, but if the hotel also features a water park or a family wall unit, there's a robust reason to bring the entire family on what would rather be just a business trip.

When both parents work, they already feel guilty about leaving their children home with a sitter. So hotels that provide high entertainment value and a conference house are especially appealing for Dad and Mom to combine family fun with a business trip. Like one couple said, "We came for the meeting and stayed for the entertainment."

Why are having fun facilities on site so important?

Meeting planners, for instance , are trying to find hotels and resorts that provide unique on-site experiences in order that they can avoid the effort and price of arranging vans to move attendees to off-site locations for a touch fun.

Years ago, hotel developers were satisfied to create a hotel near a serious attraction, like a topic park, shopping mall etc--- but not anymore. It must get on the hotel site and under hotel management to extend revenues. A hotel with a golf links two miles away doesn't make a golf resort. Likewise, a hotel with a family wall unit (FEC) two blocks away doesn't make a family-oriented resort. To draw in the leisure segment, don't depend upon the FEC down the road, build one inside your hotel.

Another reason for hotel owners to feature fun facilities on site is to create a stronger magnet to draw in customers.

Clustering several fun facilities together on site creates a stronger attraction. The water park concept was created from the mixture of two previously unrelated elements the wave pool and therefore the waterslide. At first, both were popular as standalones, but soon their appeal and entertainment value lessened. But when the wave pool and therefore the waterslide were combined into one facility, the outdoor water park concept was born, and it took off. And when the water park came indoors and attached itself to hotels, the hotel water park resort concept was born. The thought also eliminated weather factor. Not could poor weather wipe out hotel profits for the entire year. Bringing outdoor fun facilities indoors also eliminated seasonality. High season went from a 90-day period to being open 365-days a year. Quite simply, clustering several fun facilities together and eliminating the weather factor are two great ways to draw in more customers.

Global Trend Toward Family-Focused Hotels

Yes. As we see more and more samples of how hotel and resort owners are adding WOW to the guest experience, it's fair to mention that a replacement trend is developing. Our firm, also as other research & consulting firms, track these new additions to the worldwide supply of hotels, resorts and attractions. As we collect data and analyze it, we start to ascertain the longer term emerges. A growing number of hotel and resort owners "get it" and are leading the way.

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