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Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction within the Hotel Industry

Some of the characteristics and activities of a successful hotel business are proper presentation and constant improvement of qualitative services, which exceeds the expectations of consumers in every way including from pre-booking to post-stay. The selection of hotels becomes one among the most problems with discussion: the variability of the hotel services, quality, reliability, and price are important. Since there are many hotels within the market providing an equivalent or similar services, its vital not only to draw in but also to stay the customer in your hotel for the end of the day (known as guest retention). so as to take care of the position held and to compete in future, it's necessary to supply quality services by which old customers (patrons) could also be retained, and new customers (including millennial travelers) could also be attracted.

Customer Satisfaction

Someone say that service quality and customer satisfaction is critical for the service survival. So what are they? Both of them are intangible but the precise definition remains a controversial issue. Customer satisfaction may be a psychological concept that involves the sensation of well-being and pleasure that results from obtaining what one hopes for and expects from an appealing product and/or service. Customer satisfaction definition is predicated on the expectation disconfirmation point of view!

Before purchasing or employing a product or service, customers always have their personal expectation about its performance. After buying or employing a product or service, if the result's adequate to or better than expectation, it means the expectation has positive confirmation! Within the opposite case, if the result's less than expected, we've negative confirmation. Customers are said to be satisfied as long as there are positive confirmations of expectation. However, in any case, the extent of customer satisfaction is different between different customers because each of them owns their personal needs, demands also as experiences.

Service Quality:

Service quality within the hospitality industry becomes one among the foremost important factors for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and customers’ confidence within the highly competitive marketplace, and thus service quality can give the hospitality industry an excellent chance to make competitive differentiation for organizations. It’s thus considered as a big core concept and a critical success think about the hospitality industry. A successful hotel delivers excellent quality service to customers, and repair quality is taken into account the lifetime of the hotel.

Service quality consists of three dimensions: physical facilities, staff, and materials. It also divided into two aspects: functional quality and technical quality. An identical approach argued that service quality includes three dimensions: functional quality, environment, and technical quality. Another approach confirmed that service quality has five dimensions namely: assurance, reliability, empathy, tangibility and responsiveness.

Customer satisfaction is that the internal feelings of each individual which can be satisfaction or dissatisfaction resulting from the assessment of services provided to a private in context to customer’s anticipation by a corporation Hotels are continuously trying to enhance the service just to satisfy their customer because higher customer satisfaction will leads towards customer loyalty.

The most important concept of customer satisfaction is accepted all round the world is that the expectancy disconfirmation theory. This theory was presented by Oliver, he said that satisfaction stage is that the resultant of the excellence between anticipated and supposed performance. Satisfaction are going to be encouraging when the particular level of services or products is best than the anticipated (positive disconfirmation), whereas (negative disconfirmation) when the merchandise or services level is less than expected.

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